Getting larger share of targeted traffic to your website is always happening with Social integration. Social marketing/ Social media optimization (SMO) is based on the simple concept of sharing you share what you like with friends and family. These times chit-chat, gossips, sharing views is live online via social networks. Today whole world meets and socializes on digital platforms like Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and Xing, others on blogging sites like WordPress and Blogspot. These mediums give you the benefit of directly interacting with millions of people and enhancing your visibility. Placing your website, product, service or company right into eyes of potential customers.

Eprofitbooster’s dedicated Social Marketing/ SMO service team ensures all right moves to give your product, brand exposure to targeted customers. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is not limited to marketing and brand building. Instead smart businesses are integrating social media contribution as part of their knowledge management strategy at every level (i.e. product/service development, recruiting, employee engagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction and relations, business development and more). We can help your business communicate with your audience and build a powerfully relevant following through a mix of effective social media marketing tools.

  • Social Posts – Integrating social media websites, helps create an environment where people can discuss, think, share about your product services. Social marketing boosts brand recall and pull marketing.
  • Blog Marketing – Blogging refers to active participation in the blogging communities related to your industry. Blog marketing is an effective way to build that identity and brand awareness.
  • Article Writing and Article Submissions Article writing and submission that is article marketing is a tried and tested tool that can help prove your expertise and at the same time create a brand value of your company online. We will provide you well written and well researched articles that can help you create niche online.
  • Online Press Release Writing and Distribution Press release writing is also another powerful tool that can help boost your exposure online. The press release should be, however, written well and should have that creative punch. We will not only help you create great, attention grabbing press releases but at the same time help you distribute the same to various news portals.
  • Community marketing – Incorporating community functionalities of the third party such as the Flickr photo galleries and slides or the You Tube video.
  • Social media optimization over the period has proved to be a better way of generating traffic to website over others. It focuses on driving traffic from social sources instead of search engines and also improves search ranking. It harnesses more targeted free traffic and gives website backlinks as well.

whether you are looking to get started in social media or if you already have some social media presence, eprofitbooster have the expertise to increase your exposure.
eprofitbooster can help you grow popular among the social media users and can leverage your business, through social media optimization.

  • Brand building
  • Increased inbound links and direct referrals.
  • Network with the best in the industry.
  • Reaching targeted market segment.
  • Negligible media costs.
  • Increased site traffic.
  • Increased search engine rankings.

Link building- through blog articles, whitepapers, comments, and content updates for more site traffic.
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