Medical Representative

MR Solution is a robust platform built for Medical Representatives to get digital and showcase their products on tabs and record the feedback of Medical practitioner. Later, admin can analyse the feedback via reports. This will help in enhancing the complete process.

Features of application

  • Current location tracking through admin - location shown on map
  • Route map of employee for particular interval. Admin can set interval for which he wants to record the location of employee. The location data is available in downloadable format and on map.
  • SMS logs - downloadable
  • Call Logs
  • Call recordings (for stock android devices only.)
  • Logs even when no internet connection. Even if employee is having no internet access, all the logs are stored on his device and as soon as he comes in internet connection zone, everything gets uploaded on server.
  • Admin can delete the logs any time.
  • Task manager for employees. Admin can assign task to its employees with date and time. and employees can mark it as done or pending.