As any committed SEO company will tell you, link building is very crucial to success of SEO campaign. Apart from on-site optimization needs right keyword density, the right titles and tags etc, links are always required for website to be ever found via the search engines. At eprofitbooster link building is part of the monthly SEO work we do for our clients, and it is mandatory. And we offer link building services alone as well.
Too many suspect SEO companies and website owners rely on an initial optimization and then cross their fingers and hope for the best but success never follows them.


We think it is this way because link building, or more precisely, link searching is hard work and takes a lot of time & efforts. A successful SEO campaign needs to include link building which increases time and money.
Before you hire a search engine optimization firm, be sure they are doing the hard work – securing quality links to your site on a consistent basis.
Backlink services from eprofitbooster is a one way link building service. We provide your website with High PR backlinks. You may choose your anchors and destination URLs for the link building campaign (You can also take our help for this). We obtain these links through link building methods such as dofollow blog commenting, manual text link placement, and more. A maximum of 2 links will be obtained from the same domain.


First step would be to identify keywords that describe the content or services of your website. Usually these will be based on what someone would type into a search engine if they were looking for you. Then we will identify the pages on your site that are best suited to ranking for those keywords (or you can nominate which pages if you prefer). After that, we will identify other web pages with related content and themes who are open to the possibility of linking to you.

We are expertise to find links (Backlinks) that are:

  • One-way
  • Permanent
  • From relevant pages
  • Varied and relevant anchor text
  • Point to various pages on your site (deep links)
  • Come from pages with solid content only
  • Capable of passing page rank
  • Hosted on different C-class IPs
  • Give you relevant traffic


Clients often see increases in search engine rankings within 4 weeks of the link building completion. The backlinks obtained are indexed quickly due to pinging and the authority of the pages we place your link. In addition to increased search engine rankings, websites increase Page Rank due to our link building efforts. Each link we build is a one way, permanent link embedded in good content. They will also continue to age which helps their trust with the search engines.


10 URLs of pages on your site that you want to build links to plus up to three keywords for each page (note: we can help you with this if you need some guidance).
To learn more about how our link building services can help you, please feel free to contact us from here.