As it is said, “First impression is the last impression”. A website exhibits everything about a business. The first perception comes when a viewer visits a site; he or she makes a quick judgement of the company based on the layout content and presentation. Thus, with present day scenario of exposure and making a different stand for yourself, you need to match the speed of technology and its favoring need of disciplines in form of responsive web designs.

While talking of present scenario an e-commerce business, prominent demand of the responsiveness and outer layout is even more valuable. For top order high class business of true values and corporate nature a well-designed website should be built with the needs and demand in mind of a customer. One who do not spend enough time on developing and designing up their site with the need and requirement, and whatever other resource they have may have to suffer tremendously. Though, responsive design consumes time, but the time spent will be worth it as the business will see an increase and boost up in attachment ensuring full value for money and time.


We have tried to put forward reasons and propositions to address the logic that why a site should have responsive web design-


C ommon man cannot understand the importance of a site made with good code or good gestures, but not even in dreams, it can be underestimated by a site developer. For providing a quality service and creating a brand name of your work needs clean code which makes life easier for others in the future; and a testament of quality work. A well written code by professionals felicitate with an accord of efficient service as genuine approach.
R esponsive web design (RWD) is a web design technique aimed at designing sites to provide an optimal viewing experience as per the requirement or availability in any device free environment. In simple words, an approach to provide a new comfort level by easy reading and navigation with a minimum of troubles such as of resizing, or panning, and sometimes even scrolling or such pains of surfing across a wide range of devices ranging from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. As recommended by prominent search engine Google that a website owner create a site with a responsive design as it is easier for Google to crawl and present the site. It even matters in their reputation and prestige, for instance, when a blogger does not use responsive design techniques, it is likely that the blog will be claimed for duplicate content, and it will make suffer in the organic search ranking results and could have a bad name. Such a serious issue can be addressed and achieved only by these responsive web designs in a long run because search engine results will do better in a site with clean and well-written code.

The recent mobile and tablet evolution has changed and alleviated the number of people browsing from these devices. No doubt, if this is only going to increase and get a boost in coming decade with network and hardware advancements.

An entrepreneur needs to realize as soon as possible that cell phone and tablet traffic accounts for more traffic other than different devices on the Internet. With responsive web design techniques, a site will keep all kind of multimedia gadget visitors content and happy with remain flourishing. Furthermore, responsive web design will help the site in the future as it will render in new mobile browsers and systems with ease and comfort as needed. Furthermore, with clean code and device free environment, a site will look great in all of the cell phone and tablet devices.


In an e-commerce site, it is crucial to have a high conversion rate. Here we need to understand what we mean from conversion rate is, at which a website converts visitors to customers and here lies the main motive of our e- presentation of site. We have examples of some e-commerce site owners have an incredible amount of traffic and have low conversion rates making them loose the momentum of their business. Here comes to their rescue responsive web design through which a company can convert users at a much higher quality rate. Of course, there may be others reasons that contribute, but the design of a site will, definitely have an extra effect in the conversion rates. With responsive web design, a site will be easier to navigate, and the site will make more sense and significance.


We can’t deny that changing the layout or code of a website takes a huge of time and money. “One Website, Many Devices”- is what a responsive design avail us in riches and thus, more options to dive and discover by providing a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes walking in the need of hour. As discussed earlier and need not to be told much to a smart investor that an entrepreneur must think and have a clear picture of both the near and far future of a website, page and even his business.

Thus, no hesitation in saying that responsive web design provide a new standard to websites and have promoted the users and service providers to experience a new comfort level in the long run.