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Our Research and Development wings painstaking efforts created Green Energy Solution “ GraceLite’s “ according to international standard . Our products does not contain any poisonous substances and assures environmentally friendly alternative as compared to the older form of lighting technology . This innovative lighting solution is a high end product that is “made in India” by “Grace Electrotek “ and designed for Residential and Commercial. Last but by no means least, It has an exceptionally long working life (50,000 hours, depending on the condition of use). Since LED do not emit any light of infrared or ultraviolet range, they do not attract insects. The result is that far less cleaning is required than is the case with a conventional light source. In conclusion we assure the quality of our products as well as our dedication to our customers. Our products, which are assembled in the India, are thoroughly tested to insure quality and performance and request everyone to use “GraceLite LED Lights”, which can bring down your electricity bill up to 35%. In the commercial areas can also seen considerable decreases in their electricity consumption (up to 50%) depending on the type of business and how much lighting is used. The GraceLite LED lights are up to 2-year limited warranty and available exclusively at the retail shop and online store. GraceLite will help every individual to become financially strong and India Strong.

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