BRAJ Darshan: The land of Krishna

Braj Darshan is an info cum eCommerce website dedicated to the BRAJ: The land of Krishna Located about 115 km from Delhi on Agra-Delhi national highway, Braj lays in the golden triangle region of Agra-Jaipur-Delhi. Spread across the central doab region of Ganga – Yamuna Rivers and adorned with the benevolence of supreme lord Radha and Krishna, Braj is the land of rich culture and heritage in India. As per the geographical statistics Braj spans around the area of around 3800 sq. Km. displays the cultural and devotional heritage of Braj and provides information about various places of religious importance in the area. It also has an eCommerce shop which comes handy to buy the devotional items and holy books. Client approached us with this requirement and wanted to have a design which should depict the heritage, culture and religious believes. Keeping in mind the aspects of responsive website development and ease of use for eCommerce web development, we developed a web portal which came true to their expectations.

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